Aug 28

Last year in a nutshell

About a year ago I got a promotion at my job. Needless to say, we are all much busier than in the past. Matt and I both work full time and have almost opposite schedules. But, it has been a great year. I have grown a lot in the past year and found out how much stress I can handle before I have a mental breakdown 🙂 and Matt was there to support me through it all.

Some highlights:

Ezra turned 4!

Fall in Utah

Christmas in Utah

Winter in Utah

Gracie turned 2!


Spring in Utah

Parker & Allie’s Wedding


Then of course we had a great summer, spent mostly outdoors. We are looking forward to another exciting year!



Jun 28

Family Update

Note: This was supposed to be posted last year. Oops.

Gracie will be 17 months old on July 2nd. We have started writing down all of the words that she says. We have had such a different experience with her in regards to speech. Ezra had 5 words that he said inconsistently when he was 27 months old. Gracie has over 20 words, and she seems to learn a new word daily. She has actually been more vocal than Ezra from the day she was born. She was always grunting, cooing, yelling, etc as an infant. We have always known pretty much exactly what she wants or doesn’t want. She is very opinionated, independent and very very stubborn 🙂 which is strange because Matt and I are both pretty laid back, go with the flow kind of people. Gracie is probably going to be the princess of the house since the rest of us are ok to go along with whatever.

Ezra is really into spelling right now. His favorite show, by far, is Word World. He has foam letters that are supposed to go in the bath tub that he plays with all day long. He will put the letters together to spell different words and actually gets them right most of the time. He can sound out words if you ask him to spell something. He isn’t really into writing though, so I haven’t really pushed him on that. He’s not very good at holding crayons, markers, etc. the right way, so we have been practicing that. I’ll be honest, since summer hit, we haven’t been practicing as much. He has also really improved in his speech and will say things that surprise me all the time. The other day he asked me “Is this yours?” I didn’t even know he knew the word “your”. He has been picking up on things really fast and been learning so much recently. Ezra is a really great older brother and does so well with playing with Gracie. It is so fun to watch them play together, and it is so great that he has a friend at home already.

Jun 28

Lazy Summer Days

I realized we hadn’t taken any nice pictures of Ezra and Gracie in a while (by nice I mean with our nice camera rather than our phones), so I decided it was time for a little photo shoot. Ezra and Gracie are both getting so big! I keep telling them to stop getting older, but it just doesn’t work.